What being Greenperforming means and why you should join our Manifesto!

Future can’t wait. Acting now, encouraging a new way of producing and consuming goods and resources, is the only way to start protecting the planet and our future from the consequences of pollution and climate change. Environmental sustainability must become the common thread of all our actions and a goal to aim for, every day, all together.

To contribute to this, MITI has given life to the Greenperforming philosophy, with which it promotes the creation of high-performance sustainable fabrics in full respect of the environment, consumers and the entire textile supply chain.

Greenperfoming is an inclusive project, an invitation to cultivate a new social and environmental responsibility, extended to partners and customers who use MITI’s low-impact technologies and to all those who want to share its mission, embracing the values and principles of its Manifesto.

We believe in balance

We are all guests of the planet we live on. This is why it is important that our lifestyle is in harmony with the environment. What humans build on Earth must not damage the resources that nature makes available, but must contribute to preserving and enhancing them, day after day.

Greenperfroming is those who believe in respecting a balance between their goals and the needs of the natural environment. Those who try to achieve the highest performances – in life as in sport – in full respect of the places where they live. From sustainable mobility to slow food, from green fashion to energy sustainability: in any area, it is necessary to rethink production and consumption models from a “circular economy” perspective and make them the starting point of a new revolution.

Manifesto Greenperforming

We believe in innovation

Living in a sustainable way does not mean going back to the origins, but using in a responsible and intelligent way what progress, over time, has allowed us to learn and conquer, to carry out a new mission: making technological innovation a tool for achieving challenging but sustainable goals, for building a better future and safeguarding the planet.

Greenperforming is those who believe in the power of technology and research as indispensable allies for achieving a better balance with the natural environment, as an opportunity to develop processes capable of respecting nature and people. Technological innovation can help us, for example, to consume less and more rationally, to reduce the impact of pollution on the environment, to facilitate people’s lives and to create useful but eco-friendly products.

Manifesto Greenperforming

We believe in social responsibility

To explain why it is important to change the world, first of all you have to start doing it, setting a good example and trying to inspire and lead new models and new ideals. Demonstrating concretely how it is possible to act, with the common goal of defending the environment and ensuring a future for our planet.

Greenperforming is those who believe in personal example as a driver for changing collective habits, who are committed to putting into practice the values we believe in: respecting the environment, acting with sustainability, transparency and integrity, taking care of people and their growth, innovate to improve the future.

Manifesto Greenperforming

We believe in the power of the community

It’s from an “unconventional” voice that an innovative idea can be born, but the revolution is always made by crowds. For this reason, we must encourage a continuous and transversal discussion on the problems that affect our planet and on the possible solutions that we can find.

Greenperforming is those who believe in the need to network and share their experiences to promote the birth and dissemination of virtuous practices, those who choose to publicly tell the projects they are carrying out to protect the environment and live in a sustainable way – from everyday life to sport , from free time to work.

Manifesto Greenperforming

All this for us is Greenperforming: if you share its objectives and values, join us and sign its Manifesto.

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