We believe in a different concept of performance that is compatible with safeguarding the environment in which it is achieved.

Man has always strived to better performance, by taking on new challenges and exceeding personal limits.

Today, this exasperated strive to achieve ever higher levels of performance is harming the ecosystem in which we live.

There is no simple solution for achieving a new balance. Consumers, companies and institutions must find the necessary courage to make different choices and rethink the performance concept, while changing their everyday habits.

Greenperforming believe that performance (whether related to sports, professional activities and industry only acquires value when minimizing its environmental impact.

A new concept of performance is not only possible, but necessary.


In seeking a balance between personal performance goals and the needs of the natural environment.

In technology and research as useful tools for the achievement of a better balance with the natural environment.

In personal example as the driver of change in collective lifestyles.

In the need to be part of a network for sharing personal experiences, to facilitate the growth and diffusion of virtuous practices.

Future can’t wait, join the manifesto.


is open to all those who share its values: sports enthusiasts, associations, companies, public and private institutions who believe in environmental responsibility.


is a project by MITI Spa, a leading producer of high-performing, recycled and eco-sustainable synthetic fabrics, with a keen awareness of such topics as sustainability and the social responsibility of entrepreneurship.