Technologies for sustainable performances

Greenperforming is not only a philosophy. Is a concrete commitment made of research and development of technologies able to create sustainable fabrics for all the application where performances are required, from sport to high fashion.

Our challenge is to respect nature without compromising the product performance



  • Premium choice of standard yarn and partnership with yarn producers.
  • Recycled and Regenerated -> yarns fully sustainable pre and post consumer -> GRS® certified.
  • Organic and Natural yarn -> premium and traceable.
  • Biodegradable -> reduce impact, traceable -> Cradle to Cradle®.


  • Best technology available means a more efficient use of energy , fume purifying and water depuration system .
  • Oeko-tex® certified.
  • Compliant with Iso 140001.
  • Bluesign® certified process.


  • Have a close-circle sourcing means a more conscious and low impact purchasing system.
  • Be a vertical integrated company means having a lean production with low waste and impact.
  • Using the best technology available means less pollution, less wastage , healthy work place and the lowest impact possible.
  • Choose the recycled yarns means reusing the industrial wastage and give new life to them.

Our Technologies

100 % Recycled, 100 % Performance.

Our recycling technology uses 100% recycled fibers, sustainable dyeing and finishing processes, with no compromise on the high performances. Greensoul will provide you total sustainable products with excellent properties such as high resistance, high stretch and recovery.

The dope dyed technology.

M.I.T.I. UnDyed technology combines the use of dope dyed yarns with the most environmental friendly finishing process, using the lowest quantity of water for a textile product, this with no compromise on the performance of the fabrics.

The ultimate answer to sustainability issues.

Our low impact technology is the main pillar of the Greenperforming 2.0, presenting M.I.T.I. unmatched sustainable solution to the fabrics end of life. BioBack will provide you smart biodegradable and low impact fabrics while performance standard remains completely intact.

The eco technology.

M.I.T.I. EcoSoul technology combines the use of 100% recycled polyester with virgin elastane, thus using the most environmental friendly dyeing and finishing processes with no compromise on the fabrics performances.

Best properties of wool matching performance of synthetic yarns.

Our wool technology combines the best possible options of wool with high performing synthetic fibers. Naturalmatch will provide you the benefits of synthetic such as high stretch, modulus an durability with natural characteristic of 100% extra-fine merino virgin wool such as soft touch, beathability and hydrophilic features.

Certified Technologies

Greenperforming technologies have several certifications like Bluesign, Oeko-Tex and Global Recycled Standard, which allow to produce fabrics of high performance by respecting the highest enviroment protection standard and the product safety.

Our environmental commitment and our social responsibility.