Universal Colours challenges current conventions through progressive design and considerately sourced and manufactured materials. 

As a performance-led brand with a considered approach, we are working with our partners to develop sustainable practices and create garments with a focus on originality, durability and responsibility.

We constantly evolve and look outside of the cycling industry for inspiration, be that outdoor, streetwear or high fashion. Acknowledging cyclists see their clothing as an extension of their views and personality, Universal Colours aspires to become the brand of choice for those who are both style conscious and aware of their impact on the environment.

The synergy between our core values and our factories and mills is imperative to our success. A collaborative approach allows us to adapt, progress and create the most carefully considered, high-quality product possible. Greenperforming aligns with this approach seamlessly.

Together with MITI, we challenge ourselves to deliver and keep developing the best possible solutions that minimise our environmental impact without compromise on performance. This is our mission: to bring cyclists some of the finest, considerately sourced performance apparel our industry has seen.

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