The Oblique Creations style, has always spoken the language of sustainability: a green and responsible fashion, which satisfies not only the eyes but also the conscience of consumers for whom the respect for the environment is becoming an essential requirement and is the true dividing line between what’s cool and what’s not. Our mission is to celebrate a refined femininity, which translates into a sustainable couture at 360 degrees and starts from a Made in Italy artisan creativity to get to the use of natural and certified fabrics, coming from a traced supply chain, processed and dyed in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

The result is a style that arouses emotions, expressed with innovative and environmental friendly materials, the result of the most advanced research in the textile production sector where nature is the starting and ending point of a creative path in which ethics and aesthetics are indissoluble values and closely related to each other.

From this point of view, it is evident that the use of respectful, recycled, fully traceable materials and the use of the best non-impacting technologies are, at the same time, the origin and purpose of a fashion which, in the celebration of its main aesthetic codes, it does not ignore that ethical content in which true luxury today consists. This is our GREENPERFORMING choice.

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