More and more, sustainability is taking a central role in our daily life and business. There is no time left: these years are fundamental to create a society that won’t destroy the Earth.

Our mission is designing and developing cycling protections that are effective and innovative. The goal is allowing for the best performance of the human body during the athletic gesture, in full respect of the health of cyclists and the environment around them.


To Elastic Interface, Greenperforming means doing business in a more sustainable way, without giving up on our performance heart.

In 2017 we started our Sustainability road, by officially adopting the 3R program. This program sums up the sustainability strategy in 3 Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Our entire production process focuses on the most important “R”: Reducing. Our idea is that the less waste we make, the less material we will have to reuse and recycle. Furthermore, the “recycle” action seems an excuse to keep things unchanged, without improvements.

Cycling, however, is all about improvement. For this reason, in Elastic Interface we carefully analyze our production process, so to reduce to minimum our production waste.

From this perspective, MITI Greenperforming was just the most natural choice: it’s a reduce, reuse and recycle action, all combined!

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