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Licia Florio Greenperforming Brand

Choosing sustainable fabrics preserves nature, but at the same time contributes to our well-being.

Even if we sometimes don’t realize it, the care of our body is significantly influenced by what we wear: by the material used, by the dyeing and finishing processes to which the yarns are subjected, by the origin of the raw materials.

Our garments – from underwear to outdoors – remain in contact with our skin for many hours a day. This is why it is important to choose fabrics made with quality products, non-toxic dyes, fibers that allow a cosy and delicate contact. Better still if it is the result of “green”, certified and cruelty free production policies.

Each dress therefore becomes a choice of life. For our planet, which must be protected from pollution, the high use of natural resources and difficult to dispose of waste. And for ourselves, because by embracing a more ethical and conscious fashion we also contribute to our well-being.

Sustainable without sacrificing performance

Synthetic fibers, compared to natural ones, help to create technical fabrics with extremely high performance. In order to ensure high stretch features, breathability and resistance, they derive from a mix of nylon, elastomer and polyester that make active wear more comfortable and physical activity easier – from the so-called “soft sport” to competition.

What would happen, though, if these fibers were completely recycled? What if the performance and aesthetic beauty of our favorite “brand” garments were accompanied by sustainability?

Licia Florio Greenperforming brands

Let’s imagine, for example, choosing fabrics made with 100% post and pre-consumer recycled polyester or nylon yarns, derived from the recycling of PET from plastic bottles, made stretch thanks to the use of recycled pre-consumer elastomer from industrial waste.

The effects that this choice have on our life are amazing. Just think that every 1000 kg of recycled nylon reduces atmospheric CO2 emissions by 1424 kg: the same amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by 160 pine trees every year.

All this is what we have called Greenperfoming: the production approach with which M.I.T.I. undertakes to develop sustainable and high-performance textile proposals, supporting innovative projects, which they aim to promote – in collaboration with companies that use its technologies and share its values – a new ethical and consumer awareness, in perfect harmony with the environment and man.

Greenperforming con Licia Florio

Greenperforming is not only a new philosophy of life, an innovative project to build a better future, but also a constantly evolving community, open to all brands that share the same environmental sensitivity and attention to sustainability. Like Licia Florio, a Made in Italy brand that creates soft sport garments and beauty products with low environmental impact, becoming the spokesperson for a modern and slow lifestyle, oriented to the well-being of the body and soul, but also to the love for the design and for the high quality.

All Licia Florio products are Greenperforming, because they are born from an always careful choice of raw materials, from the use of advanced and performing technologies, but at the same time friends of nature. The brand’s aim is to design and produce “holistic” products, which promote the psycho-physical well-being of those who use them, and help consumers to enjoy all the benefits in complete safety, cultivating and spreading a new environmental awareness.

Hence, the leggings, tops and sports bra that Licia Florio has conceived for yoga, meditation or daily training are combined with M.I.T.I’s Greenperforming fabrics made with recycled fibers that combine 100% post-consumer polyester, nylon and elastomers, 100% pre-consumer recycled from industrial waste, to create comfortable, aesthetically beautiful, yet totally sustainable technical garments.

Discover the values and history of the Brands that have chosen to be Greenperforming.

Licia Florio Greenperforming brands