We’re a young brand from Cologne, pursuing the vision of a sports brand with a maximum level of environmental and social responsibility. For us, the fundamental building blocks are clear language in design and communication, product development with top quality materials and cutting edge processing technologies, plus a responsible approach to the whole production chain all the way through to sales. Our direct sales model with a significant proportion of e-commerce allows us to offer our customers premium products – mainly manufactured in Europe – for a competitive price.

As a brand, Ryzon speaks a distinctive understated design language, putting athletes at the forefront. 

To us, Greenperforming is the best choice that fits to our requirements for fabrics and ultimately for final garments. It gives us the opportunity to not only achieve the best performance and comfort with every product, but also to create a sustainable product that we are proud of. In this way, together with MITI, we can pursue our vision as a company committed to reducing our environmental impact to the minimum.

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