The main mission of the Brand is not just to sell Swimwear but rather to transmit values and a philosophy focused on respecting the environment and our planet, thus by helping the customer to be aware of the purchase he is making. My Mission is closely related to sustainability as the fabrics I have chosen are entirely from the #Greenperforming line and therefore totally recycled. There is a constant search for fabrics and raw materials made in the best possible way and with lowest impact possible. A continuos search for companies to collaborate with, that are really interested in the theme of safeguarding the planet and change, with sustainable projects with a view to a more ‘ clean world. ¬†Sutainability of our products includes the choice of totally recycled and reusable packaging .

#Greenperforming for me was an exciting discovery, having the opportunity to work with these materials that are among other things available so close to my headquarters helped me to realize my project which as its main purpose was to use raw materials 100 % recycled. The material with which I make my #greenherb and #greenland swimsuits are perfectly suited to be used for a swimwear line. Greenperforming is an innovation that deserves to be successful in the field of textiles, as it allows you to take a step forward towards the concrete possibility of changing the world of textiles and encouraging companies and brands to use recycled and sustainable fabrics.

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