The research of Performances

is not enough

Throughout his evolution, Man has always striven to improve his performances. Physical, mental, individual and collective performances. He has done so through hard work and sacrifices, to test and push himself to the limits. Nowadays, all these is not enough.

The courage to choose, for a new idea of performance.

Today we need to take into consideration that the exasperated research of new performances is causing irreparable damages to the very ecosystem that stands around us. This extreme drive for ever better performances is killing Nature. There is no easy solution to find the right balance.

Technology can be a powerful ally, but, more importantly we must have the courage to make choices and radically rethink the concept of performance. Changing habits, everyone – consumers, companies and institutions – keenly aware of their social responsibility.

Sport, Professional
or Entrepreneurial performance

Greenperforming is the approach of those intending to reconcile excellent performances, no matter if sports, professional or entrepreneurial, with respecting and safeguarding the environment where such performances are planned and realized.

We believe in a different performance that offers much more.

We are Greenperfoming and we believe in:



a balance between our goals and the needs of the natural environment.

Technology and research

as valid means to achieve a better balance with the natural environment.

Personal example

as a driving force of collective change.

The importance

of networking and sharing one’s experience to promote the birth and spread of virtuous practices.

Greenperforming is an initiative open to everyone!

To all the ones that recognize themselves in Greenperforming values: athletes, associations, companies and public or private institutions that believe in the environmental responsibility.

Greenperforming is an initiative of MITI Spa,

Miti Spa leader in the production of high performance stretch sustainable and low impact fabrics. Find out more on our Responsibility on our corporate website.