We can’t control everything in Nature, but we can control our impact on Nature.


The exasperated research of new performances causes irreparable damages to the very ecosystem that stands around us. We need to be aware of it. Greenperforming is the approach of those intending to reconciliate

any performances_ whether it will be sport or whatever else – by respecting the environment where such performances are planned and realized.


Performance is not enough

real experiences of people that have chosen to rethink the concept of performance with the real intention to find a connection with the environment.

From the Alps to the Sea

is the journey that shows a new awareness, born from the desire to feel the balance with the environment around us, and to understand where our clothes come from.


The higher performances in every different activity

Rethink to your performance, thanks to fully sustainable fabrics able to support you for the extreme performances in every activity, from outdoor or indoor sports, to the fashion.



German sportswear brand, focused on running, cycling and triathlon with pure design and sustainability care.

Licia Florio

Licia Florio

Licia Florio is a label based in Milan,a label that presents women’s soft sports apparel and clean beauty products in love with environment.



Innovation-driven performance running brand founded on the belief that it’s time for running to give back to the environment all runners take so much joy from.

Elastic Interface

Elastic Interface

Italian high end cycling pads producers, driven by technology and sustainability. Create innovative cycling pads to deliver improved comfort and enhanced performance to every cyclist.



The textile industry have a huge responsibility towards the environment. Every and each production process has an impact on the environment, expressed by C02 emission or water consumption.

Work on the processes and make sustainable choices give the option to choose certified fabrics with low environmental impact, without any compromise on the higher performances they can give you.